Sunday, September 1, 2013

Staying Seasonal for Your San Diego Wedding

While the temperatures might not have dropped just yet, we are approaching fall. If you’re planning an autumn wedding, it’s a good idea to consider a seasonal menu for your food.

While the southland provides year-round fruit and vegetables, there are some seasonal variations that you can take advantage of. Some of the fall produce, such as apples, can be a great way to bring an autumnal feel to your menu, even if the weather’s warm. Other foods, like artichokes, are at their best this time of year and offer excellent flavors for your menu.

Much of creating a seasonal menu is in knowing the perfect ways to combine the flavors of the produce. Of course, you’ll also want something that looks beautiful on the plate! When you have fresh food, great recipes, and beautiful presentation, you’re sure to have the perfect wedding menu. Top this off with the right drink pairing and you can be guaranteed you and your guests will love every bite.

To find out what we can offer for your San Diego wedding, whatever season it’s in, give us a call today!

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